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Let Us Handle Your Demolition Project

Need a retaining wall removed in Vancouver, asphalt grinding in Richmond or need a team to break a concrete staircase in Surrey? We are not afraid of concrete! Hire Catmandu for your commercial or residential demolition job, whether it’s small or very large. We’ve worked with contractors on some of Vancouver’s largest projects, and we offer a full-service demolition package that will suit your needs perfectly.

Planing & Grinding for Lower Mainland General Contractors

When general contractors in Vancouver and surrounding area need concrete planing and grinding services, they contact Catmandu. Whether you need to smooth concrete paving to restore its surface or scoring for concrete removal, we provide the efficient equipment and experienced operators.

We utilize high-performance concrete planers from Bobcat® that cut and mill concrete quickly and aggressively. In addition to uniformly chipping pavement for removal, our concrete planers complete a variety of tasks for general contractors, including:

  • Tapering roadway edges
  • Milling concrete around manholes
  • Drainage cutting in concrete paving
  • Restoring uneven pavement

Catmandu also offers exceptional concrete grinders and services. If you are working with concrete paving that construction or traffic has damaged over time, concrete grinding can support a variety of improvements such as removing bumps and blending concrete patches.

For complete information and an estimate, please contact our office in Burnaby. No matter how large your concrete project is, Catmandu has the trained staff and equipment to get the job done.

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